Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Release

So I finally posted a beta for the public. It has plenty of things wrong with it, but the purpose of the beta is to focus on one thing in particular: the digimon.

I cannot stress enough that the beta's focus is on the digimon and their digivolutions. Bug reports about tile errors and text issues are not important right now. Sure, it's good to know those things, but let's focus on the main idea here not the nit picky details.

Let's just look at what this hack really is right now. It's a mass fakemon hack. We've inserted over a hundred new sprites, changed all their stats, movesets, evolutions, created a fusion script, and inserted a big chunk of icons for the hundred or so digimon. This patch is about the digimon that my team and I have worked on for 7 months, not the tile errors I made in a half second.

Anyway, enjoy the patch and try to be thorough and constructive in your bug reports. And for not-god's sake, please read the readme.