Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm back

So if anyone's out there I've decided to show my face again, so to speak. It's been a long time since I was active, so sorry to everyone who wanted the hack.

Basically, I'm starting over. I've restarted the project from a fresh fire red ROM and I'm in the process of putting all the sprites in their respective places. Why start over? Well when I originally started this it wasn't meant to be a full hack. I hadn't planned on remapping, creating a story, or anything along those lines. The original purpose was to create a base for future digimon hacks, unfortunately my ambitions went rampant and I found myself overwhelmed.

Now I'm back to the basics, and as much as I would like to make a full fledged game, I refuse to do so until this project is complete. Last time around I was changing stats, movesets, evolutions, etc. but now I'm just inserting sprites. Charmander is replaced by Agumon, Bulbasuar by Palmon, and Squitle by Gabumon. I'm not even touching the multiple digivolutions for now. I'm putting in sprites where I think they'll coincide with their pokemon counterparts so that I don't have to worry about stats or movesets. That said, they'll only match up to a point and when I reach that point I'll start working on the nitty gritty.

But, yeah, I'm back and still working on this thing.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Route 3

It's the strangest glitch I've experienced in the game so far and I don't even know where to begin to fix it.

The route 3 glitch sometimes happens at the beginning of route 3 after fighting the first tamer. You lose control of the player and gain control of an npc who has a very restrictive walking area, and the only way to "fix" it is to load your save. Of course the glitch will just occur again so it isn't really fixed

I have no idea where to start, but I've only been able to recreate the glitch once so maybe it isn't game breaking. On all my other games I managed to reach mt. Moon with no problem, so it isn't too common of a glitch.

Anyway, it's proving to be a very difficult thing to fix but I'm still trying.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Release

So I finally posted a beta for the public. It has plenty of things wrong with it, but the purpose of the beta is to focus on one thing in particular: the digimon.

I cannot stress enough that the beta's focus is on the digimon and their digivolutions. Bug reports about tile errors and text issues are not important right now. Sure, it's good to know those things, but let's focus on the main idea here not the nit picky details.

Let's just look at what this hack really is right now. It's a mass fakemon hack. We've inserted over a hundred new sprites, changed all their stats, movesets, evolutions, created a fusion script, and inserted a big chunk of icons for the hundred or so digimon. This patch is about the digimon that my team and I have worked on for 7 months, not the tile errors I made in a half second.

Anyway, enjoy the patch and try to be thorough and constructive in your bug reports. And for not-god's sake, please read the readme.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adding Jpan's patch to OD

A few days ago I decided to add Jpan's hack to mine. I stupidly downloaded v1.0 and tried applying it to an original Fire Red rom, then applied Operation Digipedia. Obviously it crashed the game. Then I realized there was a v1.1 of his hack. Thank Christ because I really wanted his patch included with my hack.

The v1.1 has an application that let's you apply each individual section of the hack, which is just awesome. So we have the Jpan patch under our wing. So what does this patch do and why did I want it so bad?

Jpan's patch extends what you can do with the rom. In your usual hack you only have 100-and-some-odd OverWorld characters that you can edit. A lot of them use the same palette, so one change in the palette means a change in all the Overworlds that use the palette. The patch extends this list to up to 256 more OverWorlds, each with their own palette.

There are a lot more features that are added/extended in his patch, but I haven't got around to looking at them all yet. This will make a major improvement on the hack in the long run, but for now I just wanted it for the OverWorlds.

The next hack I would like to include is Jambo51's patch. It increases the amount of available Pokemon to 659, adds more evolution stones, adds forms, and fixes the National Dex glitch. He hasn't fully released it yet though. I think it's on Alpha3 at the moment. He's worked with Jpan a lot on this patch too so hopefully they'll do the same thing with this as they did with Jpan's patch with the easy to apply application.


So I've decided to start this blog in the name of Operation Digipedia, which is a hack of Pokemon Firered. The hack is posted on, a forum for all things Pokemon. I'll insert the link to the Progressing Hacks Section at the Pokecommunity forums at the bottom of this post. Please check out the other hacks while you're there.

If you're from the Pokecommunity then leave a comment, just for giggles. Leave your username if you want. I don't care, just show some love.

I'll be posting in depth things about the hack here, such as offsets where I've inserted important things, scripts that are also important to the hack, links to images that I'll post on DeviantArt, so on and so forth. This is going to be a central repository for all things Operation Digipedia, ran by me, Epitaph93. The hack itself will only be downloadable from the pokecommunity, so when I release it just go there to find the download.

The hack is nowhere close to finished, but I'll release the first beta soon. I might talk about other things here related to Pokemon rom hacking, only time will tell.

Link to the Pokecommunity: clicky

And if you want, come check out my other blog.